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Connecting to your audience can be difficult without having even an inkling of information to work on. We live in an age where data is used to propel businesses forward, giving them an edge that previous iterations couldn’t even fathom. Market research services are the future and EPSI Data Collection Services is the company that can help you to tap into the world of customer relations and international commerce!

We provide various opportunities for businesses to optimize their operations and gain an advantage over their competitors. Through proposed methodologies and effective research designs, we aim to provide you with all the necessary data you’ll need for that endeavour. Let’s look over some of the services we’ve continued to provide many businesses over the years we’ve been operating.

Designing and Conducting Market Surveys

EPSI Data Collection Services specializes in the creation of different survey designs. Our experts will also assist in the execution of survey plans and the resulting analysis of all the data gathered. However, there are some intricacies you may want to know about these Market Surveys:

How Surveys Improve Business Prospects

The key to a business’s success is how they can relate and connect to its target audience. Through the use of surveys, one could figure out the preferences of a customer alongside other pertinent information that can help your operations.

Understanding the purposes behind a survey can be just as important as creating one that’s engaging for participants. It stands as one of the most flexible methods of reaching out to target audiences as the questions themselves can be changed according to the researcher’s needs. It also gives them an efficient way of collecting feedback that reflects the current feedback and opinions of customers across a wide population.

Brand retention and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns can also be measured through surveys. It allows you to know if your current branding schemes and logos are doing their job of making your business memorable to customers. There are even survey designs meant to gauge the satisfaction of employees and how they view the current operations and administration of the company concerned.

Why Data Collection Services Are Frequently Hired For Research

Imagine the realm of market research as a trek on a path that you haven’t explored yet. Each turn could lead to the right path but there’s no way to make sure without a proper guide. Firms such as EPSI Data Collection Services are a business’s guide through the world of market research as we have the skills and experience to sift through mountains of data and provide you with what’s needed for future projects!

One big reason why many businesses hire market researchers for their operations is because of the large variety of methodologies they can make use of. This includes CATI Methodology which involves the use of Telephone Interviews assisted by computer software to help participants answer the survey quicker and easier. CATI allows for in-depth interviews while having the benefits of online questionnaire methods.

Professionalism and Efficiency are other reasons why you should contact a team of market researchers for. They can navigate the complex nature of market research and create designs and questions that produce high-quality answers for usage in your business plans. A good example is how the data gathered can be leveraged to enhance social media branding and other online fundamentals.

Whatever the use may be, the expertise of a proper market researcher can be a great way of making your business stand out from the rest. Look over the benefits for yourself and see if teaming up with the right Data Collection Service will be the right move for you!

EPSI Data Collection Services – Market Research Specialists For Your Business!

Data Collection Services have been giving businesses a new way of reaching out to their customers and seeing how else they can improve their services. With the world growing more interconnected, now’s the perfect time to gather data on what else you can do! EPSI Data Collection Services will be your best choice when selecting the right partner for market research purposes.

Contact us through our official website where you can read all about the different methodologies we make use of when tackling research tasks. See what the right set of information can do for your business and hire us today!

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EPSI Data Collection Services – Experts In Gathering Data And Market Research Strategies

Businesses that have expanded further than their local markets must now contend against an industrial scene that’s become increasingly competitive. The need for accurate data and analytics research has never been more important than now. With the global market in mind, EPSI Data Collection Services helps you by providing the necessary advice and strategies to ensure accurate data gathering for your business.

We offer clients a variety of different research methodologies that can be used depending on the situation. Along with that, we specialize in questionnaire design and strategies regarding fieldwork. Optimization is key and EPSI Data Collection Services ensures that all your research needs will be met. Through our client-based services, you’ll be given full transparency regarding all our planned market research services.

The CATI Research Methodology

CATI Research Methodology, simply known as CATI, is a research method that’s commonly used in the field of market research. It involves tracking the number of interviews completed and dropped alongside improvements regarding traditional telephone interview methods. Through the efforts of our in-house researchers, we can deliver results within the agreed timespan while also delivering insights regarding the raw data.

Benefits and Disadvantages of CATI Research Methodology

In professional settings, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing involves telephone interviews that are supplemented by a visual aid shown on a computer. Interviewers input answers through their keyboard and mouse while other necessary responsibilities are done by CATI software. The benefit of this system is that interviews go faster as participants can concentrate better on their answers.

Another benefit is that all data gathered is already written in a format that’s already processed and ready for analysis. All data is collected live, allowing researchers to interview participants as to why they answered in a specific way. The CATI research methodology is also flexible and allows for other collection methods to be worked into it. This involves a level of creativity as our researchers think outside the box to find solutions to potential issues down the road.

However, certain disadvantages are inherent to CATI Research Methodology. The use of CATI software is complex and will take time to learn for newcomers. Open-ended questions are difficult to implement into the system and changing answers can be more of a hassle compared to traditional face-to-face interviews. Lastly, telephone interviews are becoming more difficult as emails and other online data collection methods prove to be more effective.

EPSI’s Specialization in CATI Market Research

This is the perfect choice for market research regarding Business-2-Business and Business-2-Customer parameters. The data gathered from this process can be leveraged to decrease business risks and help to clear up issues within the operational structure of a company. Should you hire our firm for your market research needs, we can assure delivery of results in a shorter timeframe compared to our competitors.

20 years of experience has brought us the skills needed to quickly and effectively create research designs that are fit for your needs. We’ve worked with several firms by providing them with our input when it comes to their CATI research methodology. Our firm makes use of various collection methods such as F2F, Online Forms, and Telephone interviews. A delicate balance of methodologies is important to ensure the maximum response rate for your data collection efforts.

EPSI Data Collection Services – Hire Our Researchers Today!

If you’re interested in bettering your business and getting it ready to compete in the modern market, then you’ll want to get in touch with us here at EPSI Data Collection Services. We can help you organize your research efforts and find exactly what your business needs to modernize. Avail of our different research methodologies and find out the different use cases you can have for a reputable data collection firm.

Contact us through our official website and input the details of your query. Our representatives will be sure to reach out to you as soon as possible. Whether you’re looking into Business-2-Business research or attempting to figure out customer relations, we’ve got the skills to get you ahead of the game. Creativity is imperative when it comes to research and our team will focus heavily on delivering results to you in a prompt manner.

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