online communities

Gather information in group setting. EPSI Data Collection Services is capable of deploying number of focus groups required based on the questions asked and the number of different stakeholders involve in all of the Nordic Countries.

Also MROCs can at the very least be complementary to traditional methods, as they provide several distinct advantages when it comes to gaining market insight. MROC can be a more cost-effective alternative and easier to run. It can also allow you to draw from a much larger sample size – and that doesn’t mean that quality has to be sacrificed for quantity either. A market research online community can last as long as you want it to, providing ample opportunity to observe and have meaningful interaction with every participant in the community.

Anyone who has conducted a focus group knows that some participants may be less forthcoming than others, whether due to shyness or fear of saying something offensive. In an online setting, participants are more likely to feel at ease, providing a free-flowing discussion with honest, unfiltered feedback that will allow researchers to gather more useful insights.

Because market research online communities can be conducted over an indefinite period of time, the discussion can be more organic, with community members responding naturally when they actually have something to say – rather than forcing a response in a time-limited setting. Researchers can actually track an MROC participant’s developing relationship with a product. As the research can span multiple days and multiple times within that day, you can track specific external type processes as they happen and get much richer in the moment insight.

Even though an MROC is conducted online, whereas a focus group is in person, the internet is now the place where people interact with one another through social media, order products via their favourite websites, and offer opinions on review sites – allowing an MROC to provide a more “real” setting in which to gather consumer responses.