Why customer panel?
A customer panel is an exceptional opportunity to learn more about your customers’ points of friction and success stories. And, along with using that material to inform your future marketing strategy, it can also inspire your marketers to work harder by reminding them why what they’re doing matters.

Here, we’ll dive into best practices when hosting a customer panel — including what makes a “good” customer for a panel, how to ask effective questions during a customer panel, and why a customer panel is critical for creating alignment across your marketing team.

How to choose the panelists?
When you begin curating a list of potential customers to host in a customer panel, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider.

A ‘good’ panel has a wide range of experiences and feedback to offer. For instance, the panel should represent your customer base. If 50% of your customer base is based in Stockholm, you’ll want 50% of your panelists to be based in Stockholm. A thoughtfully curated panel allows you and the team to hear from a diverse set of customers, offering a breadth of experiences and opinions.”

Plus, always think whose voice are we not hearing. This is important to consider when creating a panel, as well.

Do you have a mix of industries, use cases, and backgrounds represented? What about titles? Company size? Racial and gender diversity? High NPS and low NPS?

Screening process
Beside sending screening questions through online, you can also determine these target groups by having quick screening call with each of the participants. This screening call is also a great way for the facilitator to understand the various personalities joining the panel and he/she can start to build a plan for how to get the most from the panelists.

Just shortly, A customer panel is a fantastic option to demonstrate how much your company cares about your customers’ perspectives — and enables you to align your team under one shared vision: the customer. If you want to hear more, pls contact us!