EPSI Data Collection Services

EPSI Data Collection Services is an agile and reliable fieldwork agency specialising in global data collection and market research services.

We provide Market Research services, reaching the right people everywhere, online and offline , managing the fieldwork process for you. We understand the importance of collecting fast and reliable primary data to power key decisions.

In addition to our proprietary fieldwork resources, EPSI DC has access to a vast global network of reliable partners with great expertise and profound local knowledge, covering all methodologies and targets. We are experts in planning, coordinating, and managing international fieldwork, including mixed-mode projects, combining and balancing different data collection methodologies.


EPSI DC offers a client-focused service, always going the extra mile, considering every client a business partner. We treat every project as our own and focus on data quality and accuracy above all, consistently delivering on time and budget.

At EPSI DC, we think outside the box, finding creative solutions to problems when they arise. Once we embark on a project with a client, our team focuses on delivery. If complications occur, we always try to find solutions before informing our clients. If there is a problem, there is a solution, and experience has taught us to think on our feet and quickly turn difficult situations around.



We are providing critical methodological advice in market research, questionnaire and sample design, fieldwork strategy, and quality controls. We can support consultants with methodological advice in addition to programming surveys and managing fieldwork, ensure understand that the questionnaire is the most critical element of the research process.
It doesn´t matter how good a fieldwork process is, if the questionnaire is not optimised and adapted to the research objective, target and methodology, it will result in lower data quality. Clients often try to cover too many goals within the same questionnaire. Sometimes this reflects, for example, in surveys filled with long grid questions that are too demanding to the respondents, tedious and long to answer. Inadequately designed surveys frustrate the respondents and result in inconsistent and inadequate quality data, deviating from the primary research objective or diluting it. At EPSI DC, we take ownership of our client’s questionnaires and provide revised optimised versions, resulting in reliable quality data.

Investing time in the questionnaire paradoxically helps speed up the projects since fewer changes are required through the programming phase. Good questionnaire design also improves response and completion rates and speeds up fieldwork by ensuring that the surveys adapt to each data collection methodology to facilitate and speed up the data collection process.

We succeed at adding value to our service without penalising agility and delivery speed. Once we receive the initial questionnaire draft, we assume ownership and responsibility, reviewing it in full and providing a revised version, ready to implement if the client approves it, including detailed feedback and explanations on each change or recommendation.

Our team of data processing experts also plays an important role in supervising the quality by checking the data throughout the fieldwork phase. At the end of fieldwork, they merge data from different sources into a coherent and user-friendly data file to facilitate the analysis.


EPSI DC provides market research services, reaching the right people everywhere, online and offline, and managing all the fieldwork process for you. We understand the importance of collecting fast and reliable primary data to power key decisions. With over 20 years of experience working for global market research firms, we are used to managing complex multi-country projects delivering consistent quality data in very short timings and on budget. We cover all data collection methodologies, including Online, Telephone and F2F. We are also experts at combining and balancing different methodologies to meet research objectives. In addition to surveys and primary data collection, we also specialise in recruiting complex B2B targets to follow up surveys or in-depth interviews with our clients.